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Who We Are

Our team consists of experienced B2B marketers and sales specialists who generated leads and booked appointments for companies like Symantec, Polycom, Dell, Juniper, iplicit and more throughout their careers.

Our 5-step Process

1. Email Warm-Up

Any successful cold emailing campaign starts with “warming up” the email address we will be using for your campaign. We use email warm-up best practices to ensure high deliverability of your emails and hit as many inboxes as possible. 

2. Research

We clearly define your target audience and create buyer personas. As a next step, we build a custom B2B database of prospects for you, which includes data like the full name of the decision maker, job title, company name, website, company’s LinkedIn, personal LinkedIn, direct business email, phone number and any other data points as per your request. Unlike buying your lists in bulk, our lists are more accurate and targeted. Every email is verified, and the best part – you own the list we generate for you. Other data companies usually only allow you to use their lists for a certain period before you have to pay to use them again. 

3. Build

We write the email copy for you and set up your campaigns to make each email personalised and apply the best practices we learned over the years to ensure high deliverability, and high open and reply rates.

4. Launch

We launch your campaigns to reach your target audience at scale. We also continuously build and grow your list of target prospects.

5. Optimise & Report

We learn what works best for your campaigns through data and experiments and constantly improve subject lines and email copy for better results. You will also get a monthly report of campaign performance.


Email marketing is essentially sending emails as a response to someone subscribing to your newsletter or an automated email triggered by some action taken by the user on your website. Cold emailing can be compared to cold calls when you reach out to prospects who don’t know you yet but fit your target audience profile.

Before launching a cold email campaign, we warm up every email address we use. Email warm-up involves setting up your domain records and other tactics to ensure most of the emails we send on your behalf reach your prospects’ inboxes.

We use a mixture of automation and manual data mining to find the right contacts for your campaigns. We have also developed our methods of identifying direct business email addresses and discovering other valuable data. You can also use this data in your cold calling and LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

We only use business email addresses in our campaigns. GDPR’s focus is on protecting individuals, not businesses. We also ensure that all emails are highly targeted and relevant to the recipients.

Cold emails done right can be one of the most effective ways of generating leads for B2Bs. Instead of paying Google or Facebook to advertise to their audience, you directly communicate to your ideal prospects. You also own the data we generate for you, and you can use it over and over again at no additional cost.

It is not recommended to send more than 150-200 emails per day from a single email address (depending on your email service provider). If you exceed this limit, you are risking your account being blocked.

What Else we can do for you

Other Digital Services

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Wed Design & Development

We create beautiful high-converting business websites that are optimised for search engines and are fast loading.

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We help you get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns by setting them up and managing them for you. With our help, you can generate leads quickly and efficiently.


We help you drive targeted traffic from search engines to your website. With our help, you will get to the top of search results when people are searching for the services your business offers.

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