Broker Launch Web Application Case Study

Streamlining the search and filtering process for commercial finance brokers, enhancing efficiency and decision-making

Broker Launch

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David Lawless Broker Launch
David Lawless
Founder & MD
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Broker Launch empowers individuals to establish and grow their commercial finance brokerage businesses. Their unique platform enables new and existing entrepreneurs to launch or expand their commercial finance operation, maintain complete control over their business, and retain 100% commission on deals.

Broker Launch stands out by providing battle-tested systems for success, including lead generation techniques ensuring a steady flow of prospects, with the added advantage of operating under one’s own brand and utilising proven methods for rapid business growth.

Challenges and Solutions

Faced with the need for a user-friendly platform, Total Format employed cutting-edge technologies and an agile development approach to address usability, performance, and security challenges, creating a seamless experience for brokers.

Technical Architecture

Leveraging JavaScript, React, Koa.js, and MySQL, the project team crafted a robust front-end and back-end system, ensuring fast, secure, and responsive application functionality.

UI/UX Design

A focus on minimal, clean design principles led to an intuitive user interface, emphasising ease of navigation and efficient information retrieval, optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.

broker launch app on mobile
broker launch web app development


The Broker Launch Web App significantly improved brokers’ ability to find suitable lenders quickly, evidenced by user feedback and enhanced operational efficiency.

Looking Forward

As Total Format moves forward, we are committed to expanding the application’s capabilities. Anticipate new development stages that will introduce additional functionalities, transforming the app into a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for commercial finance brokers. This strategic enhancement is designed to address the full spectrum of broker needs, ensuring the platform remains at the forefront of the industry.

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